For over 20 years of its existence, Event Team held many projects in the regions. Our clients were looking for new markets, buying or creating new production facilities; sometimes the public responded positively to these moves, and other times met them at dagger point. We helped our clients by creating optimal information environment for them to develop on regional markets, and facilitated their integration into local business processes both at decision makers and customer perception levels.

This is how the regional network of Event Team representatives was established and developed. We are now confidently and stably operating in over 50 federal regions, from Krasnoiarsk to Saint Petersburg, and from Novy Urengoi to Sochi. We are able to interact both with various regional agencies and with direct contractors in a range of areas, from hiring one promoter to organizing city events.

We have moved even further in working with mass media. We are familiar with most key players in the media market in all large regions where we are present. We personally know many journalists and editors from local periodicals. This helps us obtain information on local market situation without delays or misrepresentations, and exercise an operative influence on it.

In our work we have often faced the need for direct contacts with regional administrations’ press services. Our open and clear position both to the clients and local community has almost always helped us find a common language with them and win their loyalty and often active support.

A key factor of our success on regional markets is the fact that we possess one of the most substantial databases of regional decision makers’ contacts. This helps us create lists of VIP guests for our events operatively and with high quality, and in some cases to monitor the local market situation and exercise operative influence.

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