We provide our clients with n a range of reputation management services: corporate and internal PR, marketing communications, anti-crisis PR, and event management.

To effectively solve communication tasks set by our clients, we actively apply a broad range of PR tools, from communication audit, consulting and media planning, organization of various press events, interviews, comments program and publication of corporate periodicals, to working with information sponsors, holding informal meetings with media and special projects implementation.
We provide event management services on a selected basis and as part of complex projects. The range includes organizing and holding conferences, presentations, gala ceremonies, roundtables and VIP events.
To make an impact on the Internet environment we develop and launch web projects, from traditional solutions to Web 2.0.
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Corporate communications

Our good knowledge of tendencies of both Moscow and regional media markets and long-term strong relations with media allows us to offer quality corporate PR services. We offer client services on a subscription basis, providing our clients with ongoing information and organization services, and implement individual media projects aiming to increase brand recognition and support a company’s positive business reputation with media.

To companies moving towards information openness we offer services in developing and shaping information policy and creating corporate press service or press office based on outsourcing. This includes developing press service operation procedures, shaping target media database, developing corporate press materials, and media training for top management.

Marketing communications

Our marketing PR services aim to provide harmonious support and ensure client sales growth, and to identify company products with target consumer needs and interests.
Marketing communications services can be both integrated into the client’s current advertising campaigns and provided for individual projects implementation.
Ensuring information support in media for our clients’ new goods and services launch is an important part of our operations.

Anti-crisis communications

In case of contingencies we will quickly develop and provide a complex anti-crisis PR program to balance out the negative information background in the most effective way. We offer optimal solutions for each crisis stage, from early to long-lasting, through a range of methods: from press release distribution to temporary press center deployment, aiming to quickly respond to media inquiries and operatively communicate the company’s positions on an issue to the public.

Internal communications

To increase the level of staff loyalty and motivation and thus improve staff performance effectiveness for the company’s benefit, we are able to provide optimal and effective internal PR solutions. Jointly with the client, we shall develop the whole internal communications program of an organization, including the information component, corporate events, contests, corporate publishing, etc.

Event management

We provide event management services both individually and as part of complex projects, including: organizing and holding conferences, roundtables, seminars, presentations, gala ceremonies, trainings and VIP events.
Our rich experience in implementing events of various degrees of complexity and scope makes us capable to carry out any event project, from internal group training to a top level meeting.


For quality solution of client-set tasks we actively apply a broad range of communication tools: audit, consulting and media planning; organizing various press events, interviews, comments program and corporate publishing; work with information sponsors, holding informal media meetings and special projects implementation.
To influence the Internet environment, we develop and maintain web projects, from traditional solutions to Web 2.0.

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